1 March 2019

I have a “short-short” in the new issue of Passages North. It’s called “Group Tour” and was inspired by some complaints my mother-in-law made about traveling. “Other people had leg cramps while walking through the ruins. Or they talked on the phone late at night, telling everyone that everything was beautiful, if you had to share a room with them.” The piece isn’t online, but you can read it in a minute if you steal a peek at Barnes & Noble.

9 May 2017

There’s a new insightful, thoughtful review of THAT NIGHT ALIVE over at Heavy Feather Review: “Even in choosing to tell this story in reverse, Deal achieves a character whose identity unfolds from beginning to end. We move from a restricted, quiet narrator to one with voice, opinion, and life. Deal achieves all the elements of surprise and intrigue that a conventional novel does and more, asking her reader to probe the text, to sift for clues and connections that illuminate the story.”